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September 2012 - Drainage and Sewerage

July 2012 - Planning Application Outcomes

July 2012 - Section 106 Agreements

June 2012 - Planning Committee Surveyor's Reports

March 2012 Plannning Applications by Banner Homes

Site A (Valley Site)

Planning Ref 2012/01434/PA
Site C (Ravenhurst Road)

Planning Ref 2012/01440/PA
Site Ei (Wentworth Gate)

Planning Ref 2012/01438/PA

July 2009 Conditions

Planning permission was granted to Grainger with certain conditions attached which are detailed in the 106 Agreements. Although the 106 Agreement for Site C obliges Grainger to bring back into use eleven of it's derelict garages, it fails to detail which ones. An earlier draft did, however, and you can see those here. It is, perhaps, understandable that this detail has been omnitted from the final agreement.

January 2008 Plans

Grainger's development proposals based on their January 2008 applications, which were given planning permission on July 9th 2009.
  • Site A - The Valley Site
    Twelve three-bed houses, eight replacement garages and two parking spaces

  • Site B - Margaret Grove/Moorpool Avenue Intersection
    No plans are currently being submitted

  • Site C - Ravenhurst Road Garage Site
    Three three-bedroom houses, three replacement garages and five parking spaces

  • Site D - West Pathway
    No plans are currently being submitted

  • Site E - West Pathway/Wentworth Gate
    One three-bed house

  • Site F - The Square off Carless Avenue
    No plans are currently being submitted

    Grainger's Display Boards

  • Site A The Valley Site

  • Site C Ravenhurst Road Garages

  • Site E Wentworth Gate

September 2007 Plans